Sand, Gravel, and Dirt Delivery to New Orleans and Surrounding Areas

Construction and landscaping after a demolition.

Do you have property that needs to be filled or leveled following a demolition? Are you building a pool or a driveway? Cavemen Demolition specializes in commercial and residential demolition. But we also deliver a variety of premier landscaping and fill materials -- including sand, crushed concrete, fill dirt, and gravel -- direct to your door.

Fill Sand Delivery

We can help you determine what kind of sand is best for your project and how much you need. Types of sand we deliver include:

  • Fill Sand. It compacts nice and tightly, so fill sand is used to fill holes and as a base material for concrete.
  • Concrete Sand. Because of its high traction, concrete sand works great as a base material for driveways and sidewalks and for installing paving stones and concrete slabs. It also makes good topdressing for lawns when mixed with mulch and topsoil.

Gravel Delivery

Whether you want to build a new walkway, prepare a foundation base, or tackle a drainage project on a limited budget, we have the right type of gravel for you. Sizes of gravel we deliver include #4 limestone, #9 limestone, #57 limestone, #610 limestone, pea gravel, and washed gravel.

Fill Dirt Delivery

Because of how tightly it can be compacted, fill dirt is an essential component of a sturdy foundation. It's typically used in the construction of driveways, houses, and pools. You can also use it to backfill holes or slopes after removing concrete slabs and foundations. We will help you determine how many cubic yards of fill dirt are enough for your project. Then we will deliver it to your property and perform preliminary grading.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Sand, Gravel, and Dirt Delivery Service in the Greater New Orleans Area

We can answer all of your questions about materials, quantities, and costs, and we offer free estimates for jobs of all sizes.

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We offer free estimates (no matter the size of your project), and our pricing is competitive. Our technical knowledge and our commitment to consistent compliance with local and federal safety regulations enable us to stand out as industry experts. Simply request an estimate and tell us about your project, and we will contact you within one business day.

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